The Importance of Presales in the Automotive Industry

In the rapidly evolving automotive market, the presales phase offers significant benefits for both dealers and buyers. This article explores the crucial role of presales in the automotive industry, examining why it has become a widespread practice and how it effectively meets the needs of all parties involved.

Key Aspects of Presales in the Automotive Sector:

  1. Building Anticipation: Presales help create excitement and desirability around new vehicle models, generating interest among potential buyers.
  2. Optimizing Production and Distribution: By gauging demand through presales, manufacturers can optimize their production and distribution processes, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.
  3. Adapting to Digital Transformation: The automotive industry has undergone a digital transformation, with companies focusing on providing a seamless digital customer experience through data-driven marketing and personalized offers.
  4. Mapping the Customer Journey: To effectively manage presales, it is essential to carefully map the customer’s sales path and monitor each stage closely. This non-linear process involves numerous touchpoints across various channels.

Strategies for Optimizing Presales:

  1. Embracing Digital Change: Adopting new technologies and leveraging online platforms, social media, and e-commerce solutions to reach and engage customers effectively.
  2. Creating Engaging Experiences: Investing in interactive and immersive experiences, such as virtual tours and car configurators, to captivate potential buyers and stimulate their imagination.
  3. Personalizing Offers: Utilizing data collected during customer interactions to provide tailored offers that cater to individual needs and preferences.
  4. Multi-Channel Communication: Ensuring a strong presence across various communication channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media, to reach potential buyers through their preferred platforms.
  5. Exclusive Offers and Incentives: Presenting exclusive deals and targeted incentives during the presales phase to encourage undecided customers to make a purchase.
  6. Providing Comprehensive Information: Offering detailed vehicle information, including technical specifications and available features, to address doubts and overcome potential objections.

The Customer Journey in Automotive Presales:

The presales process in the automotive sector is extensive and complex, spanning 5 to 12 weeks and involving an average of 20 touchpoints. The journey typically consists of four main stages:

  1. Initial Online Research: Potential buyers create a list of interested cars and brands, usually 1 to 3 months before the purchase.
  2. Narrowing Down Choices: Online reviews and social media feedback play a crucial role in refining the selection.
  3. Test Drives: Customers physically visit dealers and dealerships to test drive vehicles, typically 2 to 4 weeks before finalizing the sale.
  4. Quotation and Final Purchase: The customer obtains quotes and makes the final purchase decision.

The Role of Big Data in Automotive Presales:

Big Data, also known as “Smart Data” or “Deep Data,” has become invaluable in the automotive sector. By analyzing digital traces left by customers during their search and purchase process, car brands, dealers, and retailers gain valuable insights into their target audience’s characteristics, habits, and expectations.

This data-driven approach enables companies to segment their audience based on various factors, such as geographic location, social, demographic, or psychological characteristics. By breaking down the target into specific micro-targets, companies can develop personalized sales strategies and achieve unprecedented effectiveness.


Presales play a vital role in the success of automotive companies and achieving satisfactory sales results. By adapting to market changes, embracing digital transformation, and implementing innovative strategies, companies can create engaging, personalized, and multi-channel experiences that meet customers’ evolving needs and expectations.

Effective presales management involves mapping the sales path, leveraging data intelligently, and communicating effectively. Offering incentives, promotions, and exclusive offers can be the deciding factor in persuading customers to complete a purchase.

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