The Ultimate Guide to Registering Your Vehicle in France

Are you moving to France from the UK or another European country and need to register your vehicle? Look no further! GetCOC, the leading provider of official and authentic Certificates of Conformity (COC) valid in all EU and EEA countries, is here to guide you through the process. 

Understanding the Requirements  

To register your vehicle in France, you’ll need the following documents: 

  1. Valid passport and driver’s license 
  2. Evidence of your residence in France 
  3. Documentation verifying your car insurance 
  4. Papers for vehicle registration or V5C form 
  5. Application for Vehicle Registration in France, completed and signed with a date 
  6. Authorization form ‘Mandat d’immatriculation’, also signed 
  7. COC (Certificate of Conformity) 
  8. Import tax certificate or Form 846 A 
  9. Contrôle Technique certificate, akin to the French MOT 

Passing the Contrôle Technique  

The Contrôle Technique, similar to the UK’s MOT, is a mandatory vehicle safety inspection. Ensure your vehicle passes this test within six months of starting the registration process. Be aware that French headlight standards may differ from other European countries, so consider making necessary adjustments. 

Obtaining the Carte Grise  

The Carte Grise, essential for registering your vehicle in France, involves a cost structure that includes regional tax (Taxe Régionale) and pollution tax (Taxes sur les Véhicules Polluants). The regional tax is based on your vehicle’s specifications and age, while the pollution tax applies to new vehicles with higher CO2 emissions. 

Regional Tax (Taxe Régionale):  

The regional tax associated with the Carte Grise, known as the “Taxe Régionale,” consists of a base fee specific to each French region, referred to as the ‘Cheval Fiscal’ (Fiscal Horsepower). Typically falling within the range of €27 to €52, this base fee is multiplied by the vehicle’s ‘Puissance Fiscal’ (PF), derived from factors like horsepower and carbon emissions (gr/km). 

Factors affecting the tax include: 

Vehicle Type and Specifications: The characteristics of each vehicle influence the tax calculation, with more powerful or higher-emission vehicles incurring higher regional taxes.  

Vehicle Age: Vehicles older than 10 years may benefit from a 50% tax reduction. Exemptions: Electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles often qualify for significant tax exemptions. 

Pollution Tax (Taxes sur les Véhicules Polluants): Primarily applicable to new vehicles with elevated emissions, the pollution tax applies to petrol or diesel cars with substantial CO2 emission levels. The tax varies, ranging from €0 for lower emissions to potentially substantial amounts, sometimes exceeding €30,000 for vehicles emitting over 218+ CO₂. 

Key Points regarding Pollution Tax: 

New Vehicle Registration: This tax predominantly affects individuals registering new vehicles in France. As of January 1st, 2021, used vehicles are exempt from this tax. Emission Ratings Significance: The pollution tax amount depends on a vehicle’s CO2 emission rate. Vehicles with lower emissions attract minimal or no pollution tax, while those with higher emissions incur significant costs.  

Anticipating Costs: Understanding and estimating registration costs, particularly for petrol or diesel vehicles with higher emissions, is crucial to avoid unforeseen financial burdens. 

Navigating Post-Brexit Tax  

Considerations Since Brexit, additional taxes and duties apply when importing a vehicle into France from other European countries. Be prepared to pay Customs Duties and VAT, and have the required documentation, including the 846A certificate and forms detailing your former residence and vehicle specifics. 

Securing Your Certificate of Conformity (COC)  

A COC is crucial for long-term stays or relocation to France. If your vehicle doesn’t have one, or if you’ve lost it, GetCOC can help you obtain a duplicate from the manufacturer, ensuring a hassle-free experience. 

Simplify the Process with GetCOC  

GetCOC offers a straightforward solution to obtain your COC for any vehicle brand, making the registration process in France a breeze. With their expertise and commitment to providing authentic COCs, GetCOC is your go-to partner for registering your vehicle in France. 

Start Your Registration Journey Today  

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